Vegetable Briyani

I make vegetable briyani or veg pulav quite often , but somehow it wasnt all that satisfactory esp the colour of the briyani, but today it turned out real good, just the right colour and taste i shd say ;)

Ingredients :
Basmathi rice - 1 Cup
Carrot(2), Beans(10), Capsicum(1)(Red & Green ones), Potato(2), Onions(2), Tomato(2),Cauliflower - We can change it as per ur taste and quantity.
Pattai (Cinnamon) - 1 inch piece
Elakkai (Cardamon) - 1
Krambu (Cloves) - 3
Maratti Moggu - 2
Anas Flower - 1
Bay Leaf - 1
Aji-No-Moto - just a small pinch
Turmeric powder - 1 pinch
Garam Masala Powder - 1 spoon
Coriander leaves - a small bunch
Lemon - Half piece
Oil/Ghee - For frying.

Grind Together
1 tsp grated coconut
1 tsp Dhania (Coriander seeds)
Cashewnuts - 8
Red Chilly - 5
Onion - 1 (Just roast it over the flame directly)

Method of Preparation
1. Wash and soak the rice for 10 mins.
2. Cut all the vegetables into small small pieces.
3. Blanch tomatoes in hot water, remove skin and make a thick puree out of it.
4. Boil the vegetables till they get half cooked.
5. Heat oil/ghee in a pressure pan and add the spices and fry them.
6. Add finely cut onions to this and keep frying.
7. To this add the ground paste,tomato puree, turmeric and keep frying till u get a good smell.
8. Add the boiled vegetables to this and continue to fry.
9. Add 2 cups of water and squeeze half a lime into this.
10. In a kadai , add half a teaspoon ghee and fry the basmati rice for 2 mins
11. Once the water boils, add the rice to this and pressure cook for 10 mins.
12. Remove from fire, add a spoon of garam masala and ghee.
13. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with raitha.

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