Corn Capsicum Masala

This is my latest favorite dish, tasted it once when i went to kolkatta recently.
Ingredients :
Sweet Corn Kernels - 2 Cups
Capsicum - 2 Big ones
Onion, Tomato - 2 Big ones each
Pattai (Cinnamon) - 1 piece
Krambu (Cloves) - 2-3 pieces
Elakkai (Elachi) 1-2 pieces
Red Chilly powder , Salt - as per ur need
Cashewnuts - 5-6
Oil/ Ghee - for frying.

Prep Method :

1.Cut the onions, tomatoes, capsicum to fine pieces.
2.Grind the cut onions, tomatoes, cashewnuts with the masala spices(Cinnamon, Cloves, Elachi) to a fine gravy/paste (The cashewnuts will give more thickness and taste to the gravy).
3.Cook the capsicum and corn in a kadai with oil/ghee. Cook till the raw smell of capsicum is gone and the corn also gets cooked.
4.Simultaneously put the gravy in a kadai and cook the same with oil/ghee till the raw smell of onion and tomato is gone and the gravy comes to a red/brown colour .
5.To this , add chilly and salt and some more oil/ghee and allow it to boil , add the cooked corn n capsicum keep it on stove till u get a good flavor.
6.Garnish with cut corrainder and serve hot with cut lemons and onions.

Can be used with phulkas, naans, or with rice also.
Happy Eating !!!

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