Film Name : Vadakkumnathan
Year of Release : 2006
Director : Shajun Karyal
Screenplay : Girish Puthenchery
Production : Baba Creations
Starring : Mohanlal, Biju Menon,Padmapriya, Murali, Shammi Thilakan, Vineeth, Risa Bava, Babu Namboothiri, Madambu Kunjukuttan, Vijayan Peringodu, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Kavya Madhavan, Sona Nair, Remadevi, KPAC Lalitha
Music : Ravindran
Lyrics : Girish Puthenchery
Cinematography : S. Kumar
Editing : Hariharaputhran
Storyline : Iringannoor Bharathan Pisharody, professor at the Sanskrit University, a very knowledgeable man with a keen interest in the Vedas, astrology and Kathakali, author of several critical works and winner of numerous awards, is the central character of Vadakkum Nathan. Meera is his student and murapennu.Though Bharathan does not encourage it, Meera often tries to take advantage of the relationship even in class.Both families have agreed to their wedding and a date has been fixed. But when the auspicious day dawns and the bride arrives at the mandapam, she realizes to her utter dismay and desolation that the groom has disappeared.Gloom settles over the household. Meera is inconsolable.Years pass. No one knows Bharathan's whereabouts. Even death is not ruled out.Then one day his mother and uncle on a pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Haridwar, Kedarnath,Rishikesh and Rudraprayag, meet Bharathan on the foothills of the Himalayas.From there unfolds the touching story of Vadakkum Nathan. The film opens with Bharathan's mother and brother (Kaviyoor Ponnamma and Biju Menon) getting to Haridwar to perform some religious rites for Bharathan, who is given up as dead. The mother luckily spots Bharathan on the banks of the holy Ganges. But Bharathan is not normal. The relatives think he is on a hallucination trip.At times he shows some eccentric behaviors which even disrupt his sister’s marriage proposal. All thinks that his behavior is caused by smoking pot, which he incidentally started using a few days before he ran away and everyone hates him. Then one fine day, It is his brother who stumbles on the fact that Pisharody is mentally ill. The papers relating to his treatment, found in his suitcase, were the give-away. So they come to know of his mental distress, a case of extreme depression. Now that everyone is aware of his problem, instead of running away from his illness he turns around and faces it. He straightens out, one by one, the troubles caused by him with the help of Meera. They get married and live happily ever after ! Few Points to mention :
There is no larger-than life stunts, songs and dialogues.
Everything carries a matter-of-fact attractiveness. Mohanlal as the troubled professor is singularly top rate.
His face throws up myriad expressions. It is an amazing portrayal of mentally disturbed man.
Padmapriya has proved that she can also shine in performance-based roles.
The music of Ravindran is another major plus. Special mention must be made of "Kalabham Tharaam, Gange and Oru Kili Pattu".
S Kumar's camera is also vital to the film's feel.
Shajoon Karial has given a serious film with all the right touches. He has eschewed the urge to go commercial. You can crib on the length and speed of the movie. But that is insignificant considering intrinsic essence of the movie.Vadakkumnathan deals with inner demons and depressions of a highly-skilled Sanskrit scholar. Backed by some lilting music, Vadakkumnathan at once tugs at your heart strings as well as soothes your jangled nerves. The pace maybe slow, but it is pregnant with poignant pauses. Full marks to director Shajoon Kariyal for making a film with conviction and clarity. There is no effort to shortchange the audience with ersatz entertainer. Vadakkumnathan deserves a watch by all those who love and value cinema, especially good cinema.

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