Darling Darling Darling

Film Name : Darling Darling Darling
Year of Release : 1982
Director : K Bhagyaraj
Starring : K Bhagyaraj, Poornima Jayaram, Suman
Music : Shankar Ganesh
StoryLine : Raja (Bhagyaraj) is the son of the watchman at an Ooty bungalow. The owner is a rich industrialist, whose daugther Radha (Poornima Jayaram) was best friends with Raja back when they were in school together. Years later, Radha returns to Ooty after having studied and lived abroad. Raja is still in love with her, but she remembers him as just as the watchman's son. The film starts with a musical chair competition for little children in a convent. The final round is with two children, one boy and one girl .. yesss u are right, the Hero and Heroine. The baby artist is Baby Anju who acted in Uthiri pookal, Keladi Kanmani and is now acting in lots of mega serials. Back to the story.. the kids don't sit on the last chair , giving up for the other to win :) That's the intro , and then comes our Hero KB who has all his childhood photos and is still in 'Divine Love' with his childhood love! Poornima arrives from abroad after her studies(dont ask what!) with a bunch of friends(typical 80s movie style!).They then derraa pootufy at the heroine's guest House for a looong time. Radha just remembers Raja as the watchman's son and no special feelings, is amused by Raja's actions and thinks he is mentally imbalanced. After a number of incidents she comes to know about his love but asks him to forget such ideas as she is already engaged to Suman. Suman comes in as the typical rich, stubborn bad guy who ill-treats Raja, the servant at home. A series of incidents follow that develops sympathy and love in Radha's heart towards Raja. But then now comes the twist, Sendamarai Radha's father is caught up in a financial crisis and seeks the help of Suman's father. Now Radha is forced to marry Suman, and all arrangements follow. At the end however , Suman's dad reads the dairy of Radha and comes to know of all the mattersss and gets them married ;)
Few points to mention :
Anju as the child artist is very cute.
So is Poornima Jayaram,with very little makeup she looks good (except for the intro).
KB continues 2 place flowers for a dog for 15 years jus becos Baby Anju asked him 2!
You get to see pictures of MGR and costumes of his time in this movie as well ;)
Livingston and Pandiarajan play a small role as station master and watchman respectively.
The little sister of KB has done a neat performance.
Poornima Jayaram addressess KB as Mr.Raja thro' out the movie till she falls in love with him.
Suman - of now Shivaji fame plays a negative role here.
Poornima's Dairy is the Hero/Heroine in this movie :)
Dance movements of KB definitely deserve a mention in the song Ye azhagiyae.. !!!
Bhagyaraj is married to Poornima , i think it was after this movie !
About the Director : Beginning his career as an assistant to directors G. Ramakrishnan and Bharathiraja, Bhagyaraj is recognised for his scriptwriting talent. Bhagyaraj often cast himself in the lead roles of the films he scripts and directs, effectively carving out a niche for himself in the actor-auteur vein. His style of film making is notable for its relatively elaborate, witty, and double entendre-laced script and socially-themed framework. His on-screen personae are typically characterised by their ironic sense of humour and intelligent bravado and his big glasses !

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