Bulb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a real incident and resemblance to anyone ALIVE is purely intentional !!!!

My dearest friend Mr. A is our hero here !!!! (Prasanna Srinivas .. un naming conventiona naan

kadan vaangikaren pa .. for this blog alone ;) ).
To give u all a heads up ... Our hero is a romantic hero .... lots of gals, lots of fun ,,, anda

Hero ...... [;)] Manasula... mahesh babu, kamal hassan, saif ali khan, sharukh khan idha maari

ellam ninaippu .... ( as most of u know already !). So a friend of his or rather a frnd of all of

us calls him, and poor thing , lets see wat happens !

[Ms.K]:: Hiiii Mr.A.. Hey,How are u ??????
[Mr. A] :: Hiiiii (konjam vazhiyalss) I am fine fine fine , u ????
[Ms. K] I am gud !
[Mr. A] Hey i am in a meeting .. ok ?? will call u soon after this ok ??
[Ms. K] hmmm ok ...
[Mr. A] u are Ms. N rt??? i will call u back for sure ..in jes 30 mins DEAR... byeeee...
After half and hr ..... Our hero calls back ....

[Ms. K] :: Hello ..
[Mr. A] : Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii "N" sweeeeeeeeetheart ........ (ipppo semma vazhiyals ;)))) )
[Ms. K] :: Surprised, decides to play the game for some time ...

They continue talking ... poor Ms. K .... konjam tension aayita...

After 10 - 15 mins she says ... Innum a ennai Ms. N nnu ninaikkare ??????
Our Hero is shocked .. only a little.... romba intelligenta he finds out the voice immediately

and ...

[Mr. A] :: Oooooooooooooooo ... Hi [Ms. V] Dearrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!, how are u da ?????? neeyaaaa

???? sorrry da ... romba sorry kannna .... eppadi irukkke ?????

Paaavom [Ms. K] romba nonduta ....
[Ms. K] :: sigh .... ivan thirundave maatan poola :(

She manages to talk for another 5 mins ... and then
[Ms. K] :: Innuma enna [Ms.V] nnu ninaichutu paessare ????????
And now u know all abt the title of the post !!!

p.s: It has been reported that Ms.K is still hospitalised and is recovering from the shock our Mr.A gave her

p.s part 2 : climax coutesy : Rams !!!


prasanna said...

This article is hot and spreading like fire. Thanks for the initiative :)

Naresh Chandrasekaran said...

Yeah.. That was indeed a funny incident and was made the funniest with some masala sprinklings... Nice write up.
I take up the credit of starting this fire right from the location of the scene.

Anand Prabhu said...

haha.... paavam number 1

Fathima said...
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Fathima said...

Meera, add one more incident to this list. Mr.B thought it was Ms.T, who was actually Ms. S(calling in the name of Ms.T) and spoke to Ms.SS for about 30 minutes, because Mr.B forgot to swap the call?

Puspha said...

Just stumbled upon ur blog. Very nice. Keep up the good job.

ஜி said...

ஹலோ மேடம். இங்கன என்ன மேட்டர் நடக்குதுன்னே தெரியல.. நீங்கெல்லாம் ப்ளாக் பக்கம் வந்தே பல நாள் ஆகுதுன்னு மட்டும் தெரியுது.

ஜி (@) ஜியாவுதீன்.