Its been almost 2 full days with Bombay Jayashree, Unni Menon ...

Partha mudhal naale sings Jayashree (from VV) and it goes on ...
This is the only song thats been on winamp and my ipod for almost 2 days now.
I keep hearing it , and everytime somehow the song is still fresh and too good to hear !!!!


Jo said...

Yeah, thats a beautiful song. And its good to see Unni Menon after a while.

And the song sounds a little like HJ's early compositions.

Anand Prabhu said...

Ella edathalayum orey paithiyam thaan :D mikki same here :)) HJ keeps repeating this... I could recogonise some of his previous songs that hauted me like this

- Vaseegara
- Vemathiye
- Gulohar Malare
- Ennai Koncham Maatri
- Ondra Renda
- Moongil Kadugale
- Aval Ulaga Azhagiye
- Uyire En Uyire
- Oh Maname (Ullam Ketkume)
- Oru maalai (Man...this took a lot of time to get out :)
- Suttun Vizhi Chudare
And now,

Three songs in VV is adore a lot
- Manjal Veyil
- Partha Mudhal Nale
- Uyirile
(This one has now become my fav of the three...chance illa.. itha oru 10 times ketu paar..ur ipod will sing this for atleast a week :)

Iris said...

Every one is going crazy..not just me:)
Jo, despite the fact that it sounds like a vague medley, it is still great!

Janani Vasu said...

it was a good one....but it reminded me a bit about the christian choir songs :-D

kuttichuvaru said...

yup, awesome song!! n Bombay Jayasree doin wat she does best!! I was more impressed with the lyrics by Thamarai though!! chance-a illa!!